We have written a page about our about our Tiffany Pendant Lights and the exclusive fittings that we supply with them. 

We decided some time ago to source something a little different for our pendants and have something that we think is a real winner.  Nearly all other lighting suppliers will only offer you the light fitting that is shown in the catalogue, we like to set ourselves apart by offering you up to 4 different types of fitting for each shade. We wanted to do this as we know that a pendant that is hung in a stairwell will need more light than something over a dining table, we also know that sometimes you may want more light or less light, so 2 of our fittings have independent pull chains allowing you to regulate the light in your home. 

Of course all our ceiling pendants come with chain and a ceiling rose and are fully adjustable. 

Single Lamp Bulb Tiffany Pendant

Ideal for all sizes of Tiffany shade, the single bulb fitting looks fantastic with a large globe bulb. Best used where the lighting needs to be subdued. 

Three Lamp Bulb Tiffany Pendant

Best suited for Tiffany Shades of 40cm diameter and above, this fitting will provide a fantastic source of light with bulbs of up to 60W. Best used where plenty of light is needed.

Two Lamp Tiffany Pendant with Pull Chains

This fitting goes on Tiffany shades 30 cm and above and allows you to regulate your light by being able to turn each individual lamp bulb on or off. Will take up to 2 x 60W bulbs and the chains hanging down are an attractive feature of this fitting. 

Three Lamp Tiffany Pendant with Pull Chains

As with the 2 lamp fitting but with three bulbs!! Suitable for fittings above 40 cm this fitting will give you the greatest degree of flexibility. 

All of our fittings can be used with dimmer switches, my next article will be about lamp bulbs, wattages and lumens etc .


Inverted Pendant Lights

Our inverted Pendant Lights come either adjustable, fancy and short fancy chains. They all come with 3 x E27 60W lamp bulb fittings.

Fancy Pendant
tiffany lighting direct adjustable chain tiffany lighting direct short fancy chain tiffany lighting direct fancy chain fitting
Adjustable Pendant Short Fancy Pendant Fancy Pendant


Donna Green

Donna Green

I am looking for a single fitting for a ceiling light .I have bought a second hand shade. Don’t seem to find the right ceiling fitting…thank you Mrs.D.Green



Hello, i am interested in buying a large invreted pendant light to hang in a high hall ceiling. But, how do i clean it? I am thinking that dead flies and dust will not look attractive from underneath!
Is there a clever and safe way of cleaning these lights?

Elizabeth Bertrand

Elizabeth Bertrand

Please would you show an exact picture of the rose attached to your Tiffany pendants. I am ordering art deco plaster ceiling roses and would like to make sure that the two are compatible. Many thanks

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