LED Lamp Bulbs

We have a broad selection of quality LED light bulbs that are competitively priced to complete your purchase. LED bulbs use a fraction of the electricity of other types of bulbs and have a long life expectancy. Unlike other low energy options they give immediate light and do not need time to warm up.

  • Lamp Fitting Guide
  • Wattage

Every product has a technical information guide that gives how many and which type of bulb it requires. Boadly speaking our lights take either Edison screw or bayonet fittings, either large or small. Our LED lamps can be filtered by fitting to allow you to make a better choice. We have written a guide to help you make the perfect choice, please follow this link.

Wattage guidlines for each product show the maximum wattage bulb each fitting will take. As we only sell LED lamp bulbs, the maximum wattage in terms of safe usage is rarely met. However many of us still think in terms of wattage for the level of light that each bulb will give. LED use up to 10 times less electricity than incandescent bulbs and the output is measured in lumens. We have added a filter menu to enable you to find the equivalent output bulb. We have written a guide to lumens/wattage equivalents on this page

LED Light Bulbs

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