Glamorous & Elegant Art Deco Lighting

Delve into the glamour and opulence of the Art Deco era with timeless and stylish Art Deco Lighting from Tiffany Lighting Direct. Art Deco style lights are designed around simple geometric patterns and shapes, using clean, bold symmetrical lines to create a modern lighting fixture that represents the age of the 1920’s and 30’s.  

The History of Art Deco Lighting

The 1920’s and 1930’s brought the era of Art Deco, one of the most recognised and influential styles of the modern age. Massively influenced by Hollywood glamour and bringing a touch of elegance, Art Deco saw the renovation of interiors throughout homes and commercial building across the world. This new modern design movement saw the transformation of buildings, furniture, jewellery, fashion, and cars, as well as the introduction of Art Deco lighting.

With the widespread availability of electricity, as well as the introduction of polished chrome, Art Deco lighting was able to flourish. Many Art Deco lighting fixtures featured clear or opal glass that was beautifully finished.

Although the Art Deco period latest roughly 20 years, Art Deco has continued to influence lighting and other interior design features 100 years after the movement was born. And it’s popularity has seen it brought into the 21st century and continues to remain as one of the most iconic design styles. Art Deco style lighting has a great ability to fit into any setting, no matter whether you are looking to light a period traditional home or a contemporary modern home.

The Success of Art Deco Lighting 

The Art Deco movement largely has its success to thank for the establishment of the movement within Europe before it then travelled overseas to America. The movement grew in popularity further after taking additional influences from Asian and Ancient Egyptian designs, making the movement a truly global trend. Therefore, if you’re looking to add elegance and sophistication to your interior design, an Art Deco light will be sure to integrate into any décor.

The beauty of Art Deco lighting is that is makes use of deceivingly simply patterns and designs to create superbly finished lighting fixtures and lamps that do not interfere with existing décor, merely complimenting it. Additionally, the style of Art Deco lighting means there is no obstruction to the light itself, ensuring the whole room or area where the light is placed is lit by the glow of the light.

Timeless Lighting Fixtures 

When it comes to Art Deco style lighting there is no worry that your lighting fixtures and lamps will become outdated or unfashionable, as the style is truly classic and timeless. Whether it’s an Art Deco Floor Lamp for a reading corner within your living room or an Art Deco Ceiling Light for your hallway or reception room, the qualities of an Art Deco light mean it will always remain fashionable. 

Art Deco Lighting at Tiffany Lighting Direct

Here at Tiffany Lighting Direct, we only offer the finest Art Deco lighting. To make your search easier we have categories our complete range of Art Deco lights into the following categories:

Art Deco Floor Lamps

The ideal lamp for a quiet corner or for a home office; an Art Deco Floor Lamp emits the perfect amount of light into a room whilst offering a touch of elegance to your interior design. Additionally, because Art Deco Floor Lamps are portable, you’re not constrained to using them in just one area, you can simply and easily change the positioning or location of your lamp. 

Art Deco Table Lamps

The ultimate in Art Deco lighting, an Art Deco Table Lamp is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of the 1920’s and 30’s elegance, glamour, and opulence into your home. Art Deco Table Lamps make a great statement piece on any table, sideboard or mantle and work with the interior design of both traditional and modern homes.  

Art Deco Wall Lights

Art Deco Wall Lights make a perfect addition to any room or area within the home and are fantastic at complementing other Art Deco lights within the room. Doubling up as wall art, Art Deco Wall Lights provide a delicate glow whilst looking ornate in position. 

Art Deco Ceiling Lights

The crowning feature of any room, an Art Deco Ceiling Light offers an opulent and eye-catching statement. By adorning a ceiling with an Art Deco Style Ceiling Light you’ll add a magnificent centrepiece to your room; the perfect finishing touch to any reception room or entertaining area. 

Art Deco Figurines

Our stunning collection of Art Deco Figurines will add the timeless qualities of Art Deco lighting to your home. 

Purchasing your Art Deco Style Lights from Tiffany Lighting Direct

Here at Tiffany Lighting Direct, we stock and supply only the highest quality Art Deco Lighting from the best suppliers, ensuring we can provide you with the ultimate range of high quality Art Deco lights at the best internet prices.

If at any point you require additional advice or guidance choosing the best Art Deco lighting fixture for your home and interior then please don’t hesitate to call our friendly and knowledgeable team at Tiffany Lighting Direct.

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