Add style and design to your living room with our stunning lighting

Living Room Lighting

Often referred to by other names, such as drawing room, front room, lounge or even salon, it is frequently the focal point of your home, enhance this space with our exquisite lighting options that will add both light and style. 

We have carefully curated a variety of styles and designs in living room lighting that will enable you to perfectly coordinate your home from modern flushes to traditional Tiffany Lamps, we have something for everyone and every budget. 

Living Room Table Lamps

Enhance your living room with our comprehensive selection of table lamps.
Often serving as the heart of the home, elevating your decor with one of our beautiful living room table lamps can help define the look and feel of your space. They can imbue a distinct sense of opulence whether your taste leans towards the sleek and modern, or a more classic traditional design.
Either way, our broad and diverse range of high quality lamps will enhance the ambience and aura of your living room. Our table lamps can either be used to create  layers of light with a beautiful ambient glow or task specific lights that can help you read or engage in your favourite hobby while curled up on the sofa. The Abia Lamp by Endon lighting with its distinctive wooden base adds a modern touch to any home and casts a perfect warm glow. If you are looking to bring natural beauty into your living room, the Blue Dragonfly Tiffany Lamp by Interiors 1900 is perfect for creating a warm glow.

Living Room Floor Lamps

 A classic way of elevating your living space is with our beautiful selection of living room floor lamps.

Essential for any tastefully designed living room, they are a perfect mix of practicality and visual allure. A wide array of floor lamps for your living room are available, encompassing a variety of styles catering to every decor preference.  Once again they can be used to create ambience or to help. you with a specific task, especially reading at your favourite chair in your living room. The Hansen Brass Floor lamp is perfect for reading and also comes in a range of products to allow you to coordinate your lighting. 

Living Room Wall Lights

Wall lights (also known as sconces) can bring both a touch of luxury and essential
illumination. They can both provide a touch of flair and co-ordinate with ceiling lights, our selection shows they absolutely needn’t be mundane.
Transform your living space, used intelligently they can create an illusion of additional space in conjunction with mirrors and the like, the opportunities are endless.

Living Room Ceiling Lights

Often the centrepiece of your living room lighting, the ceiling light may be a practical flush light such as the Fargo Tiffany, its low profile allows it to be installed in low ceiilng rooms. For a traditional feel with it's brushed brass finish, the Stanford 3 light chandelier provides both beauty and light.

Selecting the perfect ceiling light can be a challenging task. There is no “one size fits all” solution.
Firstly, evaluate the living room. It often serves as the epicentre of our daily activities. It can encompass relaxation, reading, socialising and television viewing. The primary consideration
is the room’s dimensions, particularly the ceiling height.
Secondly assess your lighting requirements. Is lighting to facilitate reading or specific tasks a priority? Consider furniture and wall placements which may cause shadows. Lastly give strong consideration to whether dimmable lighting would be of particular benefit, it is often in the living room that this adds most value.


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