How to choose your perfect ceiling light dimensions

Ceiling Light Dimensions Guide

Our beautiful ceiling lights come in all shapes and sizes, from simple flush lights that are perfect for low ceilings to 21-arm statement chandeliers fit for a palace.  We have written this guide to help you choose the perfect size of ceiling light that follows a few simple rules.  The following are important when considering the right light to choose for your home. 

Ceiling Light Width

Ceiling Light Fitting Height

Which fitting for which ceiling?

Ceiling Lighting over a feature

Ceiling Light Width

Ceiling LIght dimensions guide

Choosing the correct width for your ceiling light could not. be simpler. Add the dimensions of your room in feet and then convert that to inches, then add or subtract 10% for personal taste. 

So if your room measures 14 feet by 12 feet, the total of the two sides is 26 feet., meaning an ideal size for your light is 26 inches. Please remember this is a starting point to work from, many rooms are much larger and can be split into different "zones", so if you have a room with a dining table in one corner sweeping through to the living room, measure the area the light will be placed. 

 Ceiling Light  Fitting Height

Another very simple calculation, we recommend around 3" of fitting height per foot of room height. This will allow the fitting to appear in proportion to the room and not be "lost". An important factor to consider is also any other lighting this is being used to layer lighting zones inside the room. Many of our ceiling lights are available with matching wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps. 

It is important to consider which type of fitting to use in your room. Rooms of under 8 foot in ceiling height would not be able to take a chandelier, so ideally you should be looking at the following fittings according to your ceiling height. 

Ceiling Height

Drop in Inches

Drop in CM

Type of Light

7 feet.

Under 6"

Under 15cm

8.5 feet.

18 " 


9 feet.



10 feet & above

36" +

85cm  + 

Ceiling Lighting over a table or feature

There are a couple of simple rules to follow when installing lights over a table. The lights should be high enough so heads are not hit on sitting and low enough to see your food! The ideal distance is between 32-34 inches from the table, of course, the size of the light will depend on the size of the room and ideally it will be between 1/2 and 2/3rds of the table size but there should be a gap of 12" around the edge to prevent bumps to heads.