How to choose the perfect  Chandelier. 

Choosing your chandelier is important and we want to help your choose your perfect chandelier.  We have written this page to help guide you along the various considerations when buying your home lighting. 

 Chandelier Size - How to find the perfect measurements for your room. 

Chandelier finish
- The best finish for your room and style; Antique Brass for  the traditional feel or Nickel for a modern feel. 

Chandelier Style - Modern, traditional, multi-arm or ring. We have the perfect light for you. 

Which room for your light?  Finding the perfect lighting fitting for your home. 

Ease of cleaning your chandelier - A very important factor we will be looking at is the ease of cleaning the chandelier. 

Stanford Brass Chandelier

How to choose your chandelier size

size guide for chandelier

There is a very simple rule of thumb for choosing your chandelier or any ceiling light; measure the width and length of your room in feet, add the two dimensions together and this number is the ideal diameter in inches of your light. For example, your room measures 10 feet by 7 feet, the ideal diameter of your light is 17 inches. 

The size will also depends on the height of your room. If your room is 8ft or below, you will probably be better with a flush or semi flush ceiling light. All of our chandeliers are adjustable allowing you to fit it perfectly in your home. If installing above a dining table, we recommend at least 30 inches of clearance between the bottom of the ceiling light and the table as well as a diameter of 1/2 to 1/3rd  the width.

If you are fitting your light into a much larger room with different zones, the same dimension rule can be applied for the zonal area. For example, a seated area measuring 15 x 22 would be able to have a chandelier of around 37 inches. 

How to choose your chandelier finish


We have two broad finishes with chandeliers;

Brass Chandeliers give a warm, traditional feel that exudes old country charm, think of a country pub in the Cotswolds and you are on the right lines! 

Our best selling chandelier in this range is the Stanford 5 light is the best selling line in this finish and is superbly complimented by a range of wall, table and floor lights.  Brass  finishes can be broadly split between polished and antique finishes, the latter having a ready aged feel.

Clean, modern and stylish are 3 adjectives that spring to mind when we think of nickel finish chandeliers. The Penn 6 light in brightly polished nickel has been a firm favourite for many years now and is also available in a wall and table light. 

Of course , we have many more finishes, from the cream and gold finish of the Lullaby to the clear acrylic of the Marie Therese. We have filters on all our product collection pages to help you find your perfect light. Crystal finishes on your chandelier will add glamour to any room. 

What's in style

Traditional, Modern or Art Deco ( my favourite) , we have broad ranges of chandeliers in our collections.  Our lighting is also coordinated with wall lights, table lights and floor lamps allowing you to complement your chandeliers with a broad range of fittings. 

Which room for your chandelier? 

In short, any room that has the space to hang one! We now have some stunning chandeliers that are IP rated, the Tabitha will make an impact in your bathroom. 

Cleaning your chandelier

An important consideration is how easy your chandelier is to clean. It should require nothing more than a regular dusting and we of course recommend that the fitting is turned off at the fuse box! You will occasionally have to remove the bulbs and give them a clean with a lint-free cloth. We also advise you not to use liquid glass cleaner or spray as this may interfere with the electrics and fittings.