Tiffany Lighting is decorative and beautiful and to get the very best from your light you need to put the best lamp bulb in it. 

Every product on our website has a technical information page that gives the dimensions , product code, brand and bulb requirements. On this page we will explain which lamp bulbs are best used with the Tiffany Lighting.

Firstly a small word about the different caps that are used to fit your lamp bulb to the fitting, we all know the BC, it has been part of our life for many years, but we also use ES and SES lamp bulbs. These bulbs are just as easy to find as BC fittings. Most of our ceiling fittings and large table lamps take E27 bulbs, small table lamp and wall lights generally take E14 golf ball lamp bulbs, please see individual product descriptions for details. 

E27 - ES (Edison Screw)
E14 - SES (Small Edison Screw) BC - Bayonet Cap 
tiffany lighting direct es lamp bulb Tiffany Lighting Direct see lamp bulb image Tiffany Lighting Direct BC lamp bulb image

We now have a choice of lamp bulb type. There are four types of bulb available;

Tungsten GLS Lamp Bulb, the old style of bulb that we grew up with, it gives a very good light source for Tiffany but consumes the most energy. 
Halogen Lamp Bulb, up to 30% less energy than traditional lamp bulbs and 2 year life span on average. A crisp,bright light.
CFL Energy Saver Lamp Bulb, up to 80% less energy consumed that traditional lamp bulbs and up to 10 year life span. A warmer diffused light and in our opinion not the best for Tiffany Lighting. 
LED Lamp Bulb, up to 90% less energy and 25 year life span. More expensive than other lighting but the cost is soon outweighed by the reduction in electricity. Great advances have been made in LED lamps and now we recommend people use LED warm white bulbs in their lighting. 
Below is a table that gives the approximate lumen guide by lamp bulb type. This will vary by brand but is a handy guide to lighting your home. 
The choice of bulb depends on the room and function of your light, as a general rule we recommend small table lamps and wall lights take 4-6W LEDs, large table lamps 2 x 10W LED and a ceiling pendant that needs to light a room and look beautiful 3 x 13W LED bulbs. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. 
                            Lumens (approx)
220 400 700 900 1300 
GLS 25W 40W 60W 75W 100W
Halogen 18W 28W 42W 53W 70W
CFL 6W 9W 12W 15W 20W
LED 4W 6W 10W 13W 18W