LED Lamp Bulb Buying Guide

For many years we used "wattage" as a guide for the brightness of our home lighting. We knew a room of a certain size would need either a 100W, 60W or 40W lamp bulb. It was comfortable and we understood it without knowing too much about it! 

LED Lamp Bulb Wattage

Low energy lamp bulbs now mean we can no longer rely on the wattage of a lamp to tell us the brightness of the bulb. We now use lumen equivalents to help you know which bulb to put with your fitting. Low energy LED lamps use as much as 85% less electricity than incandescent lamps and last much longer, a big saving in your pocket right now and over the long run. The equivalents brightness can be met with the LED lamps. 

Old Wattage LED Equivalent 
25W 4W
40W 6W
60W 10W


We include the option to add the correct fitting bulbs to your order when you add to cart on the product page. If your fitting is dimmable, we will include the option to include a dimmable LED lamp bulb. 

LED Lamp Bulb Fittings

Every light we sell will have its own product information box and we indicate the number, fitting type and maximum wattage for each product. For example, the Fargo Tiffany Flush Light has 2 x E27 60W indicated in the Description and Product Information box. This means the light requires two E27 (Edison Screw) lamp bulbs, the maximum wattage for each is 60W, however as it is now nearly impossible to buy 60W incandescent bulbs, the latter part is largely redundant. 

For all our lights using either bayonet or screw fittings (around 90% of the website) we strongly recommend using LED low energy light bulbs.

LED Lamp Bulbs - More Choice 

Improvements in technology have also allowed us to sell a broader choice of lamp bulb styles. Filament style lamps look stunning with a broad range of clear glass lighting where the bulbs is a central part of the design of the light. The Hansen Brass Wall Light is a perfect example of this, the bulb takes centre stage in the design and enhances the whole appearance.