What is Tiffany Lighting?


There are many companies selling Tiffany lighting of varied quality on the internet, one thing we can guarantee you is that none of them are offering genuine Tiffany Lighting. A genuine Tiffany Lamp would date from the beginning of the 20th century and usually sell for upwards of £10,000. 

We sell Tiffany Style Lighting that uses the same techniques, materials and designs from the period. The Dragonfly for example is one of the most famous designs from this period and we offer various sizes and colours in this design. We only sell lamps that are made from finest quality art glass - we pride ourselves on our quality and have built a reputation on it. Don't just take our word for it, click here to read our testimonials to see what our customers say.

The differences that make the difference with Tiffany Lighting

We are the online Tiffany Lighting experts and we feel the following points are very important for you to consider when buying a Tiffany Lamp.

When we started the company, we had one goal in mind - to help you find beautiful Tiffany Style Lighting to make your home more beautiful. We want to use this page to highlight the quality of our lighting. We are confident in our products and have built a reputation on supplying quality products, we want you to enjoy the benefit of our experience and have something way beyond a stained glass light shade.

There are three main considerations when looking at the quality of your Tiffany Lighting; quality of glass, quality of soldering and quality of fixture.

Quality of the Tiffany glass

Not all glass is created equal, and not all Tiffany glass is of the same standard. Quality Tiffany Lighting Glass should have at least one of the three following characteristics.

Opalescent glass

Opalescent glass is where two or more colours are fused together during manufacturing to create the unique swirling mix that sets quality apart from lesser Tiffany Lighting. Below is an example of Opalescence in the Pavot Table Lamp, you can see how the flower head and leaves have been given texture and depth by the swirling patterns in the glass.

tiffany lighting direct quality pavot


Rippled Glass

Rippled glass is made by moving a spinning roller over the molten glass. This glass is used extensively in our products, often in edging to create texture. Below are perfect examples on the Barnstaple Tiffany Table Lamp of rippled glass. 

tiffany lighting direct quality barnstaple

Iridescent Glass

We spend 50% of our time with our lights off, iridescent glass will mean your lamp remains beautiful all the time. Below is an image of a lamp  taken in natural light to help show you the myriad of colors that are seen when the you move past the glass in daylight. 

tiffany lighting direct quality clara


Quality of Soldering

Louis Confort Tiffany invented the process called the copper foil technique. Before this glass was held together in the same way as a church window. Every piece of glass in a Tiffany style lamp is cut by hand to fit the shape required (imagine a paint by numbers, but in 3D) then the edges are smoothed with emery paper and wrapped with copper tape, this is added to give adhesion between the glass and the alloy. The shade is then constructed like a 3D jigsaw. When this is finished, the soldering is patenated to give it a dark finish. There will always be slight ripples and ridges in the soldering, again, this adds to the unique charm of a  Tiffany lamp, but it should be as clean as possible and not too thick. Look at the quality of the soldering on the Odeon Tiffany Pendant below.

tiffany lighting direct quality odeon

Quality of the fixture


You may notice that many of the shades we offer are on combinations of fixtures you will not see elsewhere. We are the Tiffany Lighting experts and know exactly which fittings will go with which shade. No other lighting shop or website gives you as much choice or expertise. 

You wouldn't spend £300 on a new suit then put a pair of scruffy trainers with them so why would you compromise on quality of fixture for your Tiffany style shade? We have chosen our bases and fittings to complement the shades perfectly, never an easy task, but one that we think is worth it. We check for the quality and sharpness of finish on everything we sell and would never compromise quality for profit.

tiffany lighting direct quality base


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