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    Replacement Bases and Shades Help

    We have many people asking us if they can fit a Tiffany Shade on a base they cherish. The answer thankfully is mostly yes, but we have to remember a couple of key points. 

    A Tiffany Lamp shade will have a 10mm hole at the cap, this is where the shade is a attached to the lamp or ceiling fitting. All our Tiffany Lamp Bases are supplied with either a harp or rod that has the 10mm rod. If we have a 27 or 45 mm thread it is is still possible to fit a Tiffany shade, you will need to buy either the harp and stirup (this will mean the lamp has to be rewired) or a harp adaptor that fits either the 27 or 45 mm thread. The harps are readily available on eBay. 


    If you have any questions, please give us a call and we help you make the right choice.