Tiffany Ceiling Lights - Cup Hooks

If you are here you have come looking for more information of cup hooks! We use cup hook to secure certain fittings to the ceiling. We will explain which products take a cup hook and what you will need. We do not supply the fitting for this as the exact fitting will depend on your ceiling, your electrician should know exactly what you need. 

Products that do not need a cup hook.

Any Tiffany Inverted Ceiling Lights, Oaks Tiffany Ceiling Lights, Kansa Tiffany Ceiling Lights, Searchlight Tiffany Lights, Elstead Tiffany Lights. All of these use fittings that have a fitting plate.

Products that do need a cup hook. 

Any Interiors 1900 Tiffany ceiling light or  Tiffany Lighting Direct Tiffany Ceiling Pendant Lights. Product fitting codes will be either 5ll-97, 5ll-98, 5ll-98.2, 5ll-98.3, SU02 or SU02/3. Tiffany Lighting Direct semi flush lights will also need a ceiling hook. 


You will need one of these. 

Tiffany Ceiling Light Cup Hook


one of these

Ceiling Light Hook Plate